Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tri Training at Zuma Beach

Total miles cycled to date= 126.04, Total calories burned to date= 5,280, Lbs. lost to date= 12

What better way to start a Saturday morning than driving down PCH at 6 am, right? Like they say no pain no gain, and damn was I still sore from Fridays ride to the beach. But it's all good because it's all for the kids. The Triathlon is less than 2 months away, and so it's time to step it up a notch. The foot injuries side tracked me for a while, so I gotta double up on the training to get back on track!

Cruising down PCH at 6 am, on my way to Zuma Beach

Putting on the wetsuits and getting ready for the 1/2 mile ocean swim.

Getting ready to cycle with class

So after busting ass at the beach, I'm tired and starving. All I want to do is get home and what happens? Yeah, I got pulled over. Effin great. It was just because of my tail lights. I guess they are too dark. I got away with just a warning, so that was a score.

It was a great ride with awesome views. It was full of hills which was cool on the down hill and sucked going up hill. But the good thing that this is the exact race course for the Triathlon in September, so come race day i'll have the course on LOCK!

To Seal Beach and Back

Total miles cycled to date= 106.3, Total calories burned to date= 4,500, Lbs. lost to date= 12

So we decided to hit the trails again. We took advantage that we had Friday off (the move back to the Dreamworks campus) and decided to take on a bigger riding challenge. We had spoken about riding to the beach but it kept on changing every time the weather report came out. It was supposed to be between 90 to 100 degrees on Friday. Next best option from heading out from Azuza? Take off from a lower point where the heat wouldn't be so extreme....... which didn't matter at the end because all of LA was hot as fuck in the afternoon!

We took off from Legg Lake, right below the 60 freeway in Whittier Narrows and headed south along the San Gabriel River trail which ends up in Seal Beach. This part of the trail was chill, we rode through a conservation area, some golf courses, dams, and tagged up bridges.

After riding for about an hour, and knocking out 13 miles, we decided to take a break at Liberty park in Cerritos. Here we cooled down because it was getting warm, and refilled our water bottles.

I also took advantage of the break to charge up my iPhone which was mapping my route. It later took a thrashing after it flew out of my bike and bounced around the concrete. Luckily it only got a few scratches.

At about the 17th mile, near the 405 fwy we crossed over this bridge in order to get to the last leg of trail. We were only a few miles from the beach now.

The power plant off in the distance. They are huge steam driven electrical generators that use the river water for cooling. Here's also the point were the San Gabriel River water meets the Pacific Ocean.

And 22 miles later WE FINALLY REACHED THE OCEAN! This is the point where the bike trail ends and turns into beach sand. The cool part is that the building on the right is a restaurant with awesome food. Perfect for loading up on energy for the ride back up.

Enjoying the view on a chill Friday at the beach. It's crazy that we made it all the way out there. That's Sandy the beach bum walking across the sand. That lady is a trip! She was telling me about how she rode her bike once out here all the way from Pomona, and how she has the best back yard in the world, the beach. All this in a fake valley accent. I though she was pretty funny till she followed us to the restaurant, then I was like, "oh crap."

Cooling off my feet in the sand. My legs got a nice tan on the way down here, and don't mind the green toe nails, long story. (Long story short, my sister painted them while I was asleep.)

Shifty, David, and I, courtesy of Sandy's great photography skills, which I complemented her on. I told her she was a natural. She then told me she'd charge me for the next picture and that's when I slowly walked away.....

Enjoying a great lunch with awesome friends at the River Hut Eatery. Can't beat the view, the weather was perfect and the fish tacos were amazing.

It took 4 glasses of lemonade to hydrate my self. I probably drank a gallon of water during the whole ride.

When we finally rode back, it was about 100 degrees in Whittier, we were roasted, gassed and riding on fumes, but the ride was worth every single sweat drop shed along the trail. We saw all kinds of stuff, from Cholo's smoking weed under a bridge, little vatos tagging, teenagers getting it on, shanty towns with homeless living in them, and a bum taking a dump. But we also saw a side not seen by most of the angelenos that inhabit LA. There's an actual river, with actual water, birds and plants here in our own city. Cant wait to hit this trail again!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Riding With Class

Total miles cycled= 51.37, Total Calories burned= 2,060

So I finally got my Tigra iPhone Bike Mount, and let me tell you.... that thing is pretty cool. You're able to mount your iPhone securely to your bike and along with the Sportypal Bike app have a real time digital speedometer! It's all hooked up with the phone's GPS system so you get real time stats regarding your location, speed, distance covered, etc.

I also swung by to big 5 today to pick up a pair of Body Glove shades to shield my eyes from the sun and BUGS. I should have worn them on tonight's ride because I got a bug in my eye, and I think it took a piss in my eye because that thing burned for a while. Note to self: rock these more often when riding.

And last but not least.........My Tuxedo Cycling Jersey is on its way! Yes, in LA you have to ride in style, even if it's on your road bike. Catch you laterz........

Sunday, July 11, 2010

San Gabriel River Trail

The San Gabriel River trail extends 38 miles starting at a Ranger Station at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains and ending at the Pacific Ocean (Seal Beach). David, Shifty, and I decided to explore this trail this Sunday afternoon and what an awesome ride it was. We started off at the top of the trail near the San Gabriel Mountains and rode down about 12 miles to about the junction point of the 10 and 605 freeways.

Looking south on the trail, right past the Santa Fe Dam.

It's crazy how many people live along the edge of the river. You can tell there was some one living in these pipes.

We also came across a bunch of families who were also out for a Sunday afternoon ride.

Shifty and David

Shifty and me throwing up the deuce.

At the half way point, taking a break.

Looking north on the trail towards our starting point. Time to ride up to where we started.

This was a great 1st ride along this trail. We knocked about 23 miles, in about 2 hours. The plan is to ride ALL the way down to Long Beach this Friday. It's going to be about a 60 mile round trip. It's going to be awesome, or a big mistake. If you want to join us on any rides, just hit me up and we'll make it happen.

zrod's Activities | RunKeeper

zrod's Activities | RunKeeper

This is where I'll be posting my rides. It's an awesome app and site. It keeps track of maps, distances, top speed, average mph, etc.


Finally got my road bike for the triathlon! It's a Specialized Allez Sport 30 gear bike with a carbon fiber fork and damn does it haul ass! I've put about 30 miles on it so far an plan on using this blog as a journal of the places we go, people we meet and the shenanigans that we get into! So stay tuned, and "subete a mi bici"!

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