Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Riding With Class

Total miles cycled= 51.37, Total Calories burned= 2,060

So I finally got my Tigra iPhone Bike Mount, and let me tell you.... that thing is pretty cool. You're able to mount your iPhone securely to your bike and along with the Sportypal Bike app have a real time digital speedometer! It's all hooked up with the phone's GPS system so you get real time stats regarding your location, speed, distance covered, etc.

I also swung by to big 5 today to pick up a pair of Body Glove shades to shield my eyes from the sun and BUGS. I should have worn them on tonight's ride because I got a bug in my eye, and I think it took a piss in my eye because that thing burned for a while. Note to self: rock these more often when riding.

And last but not least.........My Tuxedo Cycling Jersey is on its way! Yes, in LA you have to ride in style, even if it's on your road bike. Catch you laterz........

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